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Pure love... all the time, the perfect listeners and they NEVER argue!  - P.R. Cinnaminson, NJ

Dogs are the best foot warmers on a cold night, or any night for that matter!
- A.K. Tampa, FL 

Dogs are unconditional love in a furry, four legged package.  We could all learn something from that.
-J .B. Tampa, FL 

Have fun with your dog!
- J.S. Tampa, FL

Barrrooooo! (which, depending on delivery, covers the entire spectrum of what is important).
- L.F. Safety Harbor, FL 

I wish I was as wonderful as my dog thinks I am.
- B.N. Lutz, FL

Dogs make great child replacements when your child goes off to college.  They are less messy, demanding, and they will not grow up and spend all your money at college!
- P.N. Lutz, FL 


(more than just a pretty face)